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  • Gain Up To 4 Hours of Productivity - Every Day!
  •  Completely eliminate all of your excuses for not working out! 
  •  Automatically make better, healthier choices when eating 
  •  Completely eliminate all of your excuses for eating clean! 
  •  Automatically achieve greater levels of health and well-being 
  •  Easily make your health a PRIORITY in your life! 
  •  You will now eat ONLY when you are hungry! 
  •  You will actually look forward to your next workout! 
  •  Your posture and demeanor will become that of a naturally trim, active, healthy person 
  •  Rid yourself of all negativity 
  •  Greatly improve your "Self Talk" 
  •  Live an Empowered Life 
  •  Establish an "Unstoppable" Mindset 
  •  Develop Strong Lifelong Habits
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"I Have Lost Over 13 Pounds!"

Hi my name is Berenice Castaneda, and I wanted to give a quick testimonial on Fitnotherapy. I’ve been listening to it for the past month and a half, I have lost over 13 pounds and it has give me results in different parts of my life. I started waking up earlier which I was amazed because it was effortless. I also started eating completely differently, much more healthier. Even the foods that I used to eat before that I loved which are junk food I can no longer stand eating them. I could be with people eating junk food and not crave it, even a little bit. I cannot be more than thankful to Brian for this opportunity that he gave us by creating this product and changing lives with it like mine. Thank you so much!
Bernice Castaneda

"It Works!"

Hi my name is Angela Myers.  I have tried many different diet pills, shakes, programs that worked for a month but in the end I was worse off than when I started! I was looking for the lifestyle change and not a temporary fix so I decided to try Fitnotherapy. The change was so subtle, I started feeling more positive, my workouts became part of my routine, my eating choices were healthier! It’s hard to describe how much happier I am and free that I feel from not feeling good! I have lost over 15 pounds, gained lean muscle and feel great! I have a long road ahead but am looking forward to the journey of a healthier life! This is a must try! You won’t be sorry! Thank you Brian and thank you Fitnotherapy for changing my life!
Angela Myers

"I Highly Recommend Fitnotherapy"

Hi my name is Andrew Poletto, founder of Top Fitness Strategies.  I interview fitness professionals from around the world and I had the chance to interview Brian. I can tell you this much, he KNOWS HIS STUFF! His knowledge of health and fitness goes beyond the “gym and workout” stuff, he taps into the psyche of the individual, where change actually starts. His Fitnotherapy program is designed to reach an individual’s inner self and learn how powerful it can be. I highly recommend Fitnotherapy. An added benefit of this program is it’s not only for your health and fitness, but its principles can be used in all walks of life. Thanks Brian!
Andrew Poletto

"A Life Changed"

Hi, my name is Deborah Reisdorph of the Skanadore Reisdorph Law Office.  When I first met Coach Brian Kelly, I thought I was going to continue to gain weight because of my age (over 50) and my stress levels. But Brian educated me and I lost two dress sizes with the workouts! Now I listen to Fitnotherapy too! From the first time I listened to Fitnotherapy, I began to see myself differently, more slender in fact. I was motivated to eat right and even to work out more! I walk confidently and take care of myself and my body by eating right and working out with ease. Fitnotherapy is addictive! You’ll be glad you started!
Deborah Reisdorph

"It Has Changed My Life"

Hi my name is Jason Nast, named 2014 ERA Marketer of The Year.  Since I’ve been working with Brian’s Fitnotherapy I have had the most amazing success. Where I used to not want to work out I wake up wanting, desiring, and needing the workout. Of course working out is great on its own, but I feel better, doing it with Fitnotherapy… It’s changed my life.
Jason Nast

"I Love Brian's Energy & Honesty"

Hi, my name is L.J. Jackson, founder of Personal Power Within.  I love Brian’s energy and honesty about what’s lacking for fitness to be completely successful long-term. I also love Brian’s passion to do everything he possibly can to help others achieve their fitness goals. I’ve only heard rave reviews from friends who have worked with Brian and I’m looking forward to listening and benefiting from his Fitnotherapy CD to help me maintain the proper mindset for my health and fitness goals. Thanks Brian!
L.J. Jackson

"The Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle!"

Hi, my name is Monica Rivera and when I saw the Fitnotherapy program, I had to check it out! I truly believe that all change happens in the unconscious mind and Fitnotherapy is an amazing tool to do just that! Fitnotherapy sets the foundation for a new healthier lifestyle because it focuses on your mindset. By using hypnosis and positive suggestions, this tool allows you to create instant change within yourself! For me, I’ve seen the results immediately. I crave healthier food choices and am even waking up earlier, more easily (and I’ve never been much of a morning person before now)! I also feel even more committed to beating my own personal best. Thanks Brian and Fitnotherapy! I’ve only been using it for a week, and already love this program and love how I am feeling! Can’t wait to see the results after more long term use!
Monica Rivera
Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Guided Visualization
(Also referred to as hypnosis)

Since not a lot is known about Hypnosis in the West, even though it’s becoming more common, people always have a lot of questions about Guided Visualization (Hypnosis) and how it’s used.  According to medical experts, alternative health care practitioners, and Hypnotherapists these are the most frequently asked questions about Hypnosis:

Will I still be in control of myself?

This is what most people are afraid of. They are terrified that if they really submit to the relaxation of hypnosis and go fully into a trance like state that they will no longer be in control of themselves and can be easily controlled by the person that is hypnotizing them.  But be assured that you are still fully in control of yourself when you are hypnotized. You are still conscious, but your conscious mind is extremely relaxed.  No one can take control of you and make you do stupid things while you’re hypnotized unless you allow it.

Am I surrendering my free will if I get hypnotized?

This is what most people are afraid of. They are terrified that if they really submit to the relaxation of hypnosis and go fully into a trance like state that they will no longer be in control of themselves and can be easily controlled by the person that is hypnotizing them.  But be assured that you are still fully in control of yourself when you are hypnotized. You are still conscious, but your conscious mind is extremely relaxed.  No one can take control of you and make you do stupid things while you’re hypnotized unless you allow it.

Can I be hypnotized without my consent?

This is another area of concern for a lot of people that don’t know a lot about hypnosis.  But don’t worry. No one can hypnotize you without your consent. It just plain won’t happen.  Hypnosis isn’t magic. Hypnosis is a state of very deep relaxation.  If you don’t want to be hypnotized then you won’t be able to relax and you won’t enter a hypnotic state.  The process of entering a hypnotic state takes some time because it will take time for your body and mind to reach the deep relaxation that is necessary for hypnosis. You can stop the hypnosis session at any time during that process if you’re not comfortable or if you don’t want to be hypnotized.

You’ve probably seen hypnosis done in movies or on TV where the person doing the hypnotizing snaps their fingers and the other person immediately falls into a trance and is incapable of doing anything but what they are told. That’s not how hypnosis works.

What happens if I can't come out of hypnosis?

It’s physically impossible for that to happen, because you are not unconscious at any point during the hypnosis.  You will be in a deeply relaxed state but fully conscious and you can come out of that state at any time that you want to.  You can also come out of that state when given a verbal cue by the hypnotherapist. Sometimes when you get the verbal cue to come out of your hypnosis you may not want to because the relaxed state you are in feels so good.  When that happens it may take you a few minutes to return to your normal awareness but that is only because you want to stay in the relaxed state, not because you are being forced to stay in it or because you can’t come out of it on your own.  You are always in control, even when you are deep in a hypnotic state.

Can I hypnotize myself?

You absolutely can hypnotize yourself.  You will need to learn the proper way to do it but once you’ve had some instruction it’s very possible to hypnotize yourself.  Some people prefer self-hypnosis because they don’t trust another person to hypnotize them and can’t relax enough to get into a true hypnotic state when someone else is around.  You can also hypnotize yourself between sessions with a hypnotherapist if you feel you need a little extra relaxation.

When you’re using self-hypnosis though you aren’t getting the expertise and therapeutic help that you would be getting from a trained therapist so if you’re using hypnosis to help you deal with Anxiety, Depression, or psychological issues then you should probably see a professional therapist instead of relying on self- hypnosis.

Does hypnosis work on children?

Yes, hypnotherapy is often used to treat children that have behavioral disorders and children that have had traumatic events happen to them.  Children have also been put into a hypnotic state in order to help police solve crimes in crimes where children have been attacked.  Some hypnotherapists have found that using hypnosis as a method of treating night terrors for children under 10 years old can be more effective than other treatments because putting the children in a deep hypnotic state before bed relaxes their brain enough that they don’t have night terrors. If your child is having night terrors and has not responded well to other treatments using hypnosis is an option you should discuss with your doctor.

Is hypnosis just New-Age hooey?

Lots of people are skeptical about hypnosis at first, but usually that’s because they don’t have a good understanding of how hypnosis is used for medical and psychological treatments.  Hypnosis is not some crazy New Age therapy. It’s a legitimate therapeutic technique that has been used with proven success to treat medical and psychological disorders in millions of people.  Anyone can be treated with hypnosis, and in most cases hypnosis is a very effective form of treatment for many different disorders.  Hypnosis has a long history of being used to treat illness; it’s not a new or untested therapy.

How many problems can I cure at once using hypnosis?

Hypnosis isn’t a magic cure that will get rid of all of your problems at once. You will still need to address your medical and psychological problems one at a time, and over the course of several treatments, in order to see results. It’s possible that symptoms of one disorder that mimic symptoms of another disorder might go away with the symptoms of the other disorder but in general you will need to tackle one problem at a time when you’re using hypnosis as a treatment.

Do I need to go through more than one session?

Yes, you will need more than one session with a hypnotherapist to solve your problem.  Most people see noticeable results after just a few sessions so you might not need extensive hypnosis or months of treatment in order to eliminate your problem, but it will almost always take more than one session for you to see any kind of noticeable results.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe.  You are always in control of the situation and you are never unconscious. Unlike drug therapies hypnosis has no possible side effects and in most people hypnosis always works unlike drugs which may work or may not work depending on your body’s chemistry and what the disorder is.  Hypnosis can safely treat the physical and mental aspects of common problems like addictions safely and can help you break your physical and emotional dependence on overeating, smoking, drinking, drama, anger, or any other destructive addition that you might have.

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